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Cat Parasite Linked To Behavior Cat Parasite Linked To Behavior Of Sudden Anger In Humans Found In Litter

A cat parasite linked to behavior of sudden outbursts of anger in humans has been identified. University of Chicago researchers say toxoplasma gondii is part of their broader effort to improve diagnosis and treatment of people with recurrent bouts of […]

McDonald’s Cat Diet Of Burgers And Fries

McDonald’s cat that loved burgers, and french fries, is now on a new diet and a second chance at life after the SPCA introduces food with actual nutrition. The SPCA said he was so addicted to fast food, he was […]

Man Sues Cat Owner For $100K Emotional Distress

A man sues a cat owner in Illinois for $100,000 after her the feline allegedly attacked him, leaving behind serious injuries and emotional distress during a pet-sitting session. Christine Bobak is being hit with the lawsuit by William Baxter in […]

Cat Food Recall Issued For Diamond Over Thiamine Levels

Diamond Pet Foods has issued a cat food recall across 25 states that may contain drastically low levels of thiamine. Felines being fed the affected product are at risk of developing a thiamine deficiency. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency include: ventriflexation […]

Cat Born Without Leg Bones Gets Help From Charity

A cat in England is earning a new “Elbows” nickname after being born without leg bones, and it’s been the volunteers at the Cats Protection, a charity set up to take care of disabled felines, that makes this a miracle […]

Cat Nine Years Was Missing, Pet Returns Home

A Siamese cat named Vanilla has returned to its owner nine years later after the pet was reportedly missing. Dara Gerson was in complete shock when she received a phone call from the San Francisco Animal Control stating that they […]