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China Layoffs China Layoffs: 5 Million State Workers Facing Layoffs To Cut Steel Industrial

China layoffs of 5 million state workers is expected to occur over the next two to three years as part of efforts to curb industrial overcapacity and pollution, making it Beijing’s boldest retrenchment program in almost two decades, according to […]

Giant Salamander China Cave Giant Salamander China Cave: Chinese Fishermen Step On Large Amphibian In Water

Giant salamander China cave: A giant salamander was found by a fisherman is estimated to be more than 200 years old. The salamander was found alive in the waters at a size of 4-feet, 7-inches and weighs 104 pounds, according […]

Floating City China Floating City China: Thousands Of Chinese Citizens In Two Separate Areas Witness Cloud Beam

A floating city in China may be a parallel universe after thousands of residents in two areas reported seeing a huge skyline in the clouds. Onlookers, some who are said to have taken photos of the bizarre event, were said […]

Ancient Teeth China Ancient Teeth China: Human History Rewrite After Spearhead Takes Researchers On Lead

Ancient teeth found in China could rewrite human history. The teeth, dated as at least 80,000 years old, are from people who were thought to walk Europe first, not Asia, according to CNN. The ancient teeth offer a problem because […]

Jade Rabbit: China’s Moon Rover Launches

Jade Rabbit, China’s first ever moon rover mission, launched on Monday, state media said, as Beijing embarks on the latest stage in its ambitious space program. A rocket carrying the vehicle has blasted off. “The Chang’e 3 is set to […]

Rat Meat Sold As Lamb, Police Break Up Crime Ring

A rat meat crime ring was broken up in China after police discovered that the food was sold as lamb in the country’s latest food safety scandal. The Ministry of Public Security released results of a three-month crackdown on food […]

Rat-Meat Tainted Food Ring Gets Busted

Rat-meat has become the latest scandal in crimes after tainted food was sold as lamb by a ring busted by Chinese police, and now the country’s top court is calling for harsher punishments. China has issued guidelines calling for harsher […]

China Earthquake: Thousands Of Soldiers Sent To Epicenter

China sent thousands of soldiers and earthquake rescuers to the Sichuan province after a dangerous quake killed at least 188 people and injured more than 11,000. It is the deadliest earthquake the country has seen in the past three years. […]

China Kills 20,000 Birds Infected With H7N9 In Shanghai

China kills over 20,000 birds after H7N9 virus samples were taken from pigeons at Huhai agricultural market in Shanghai. Six people in China have died from illnesses linked to the bird virus. “We don’t know yet where the humans got […]

World War Z Altered To Favor Chinese Censorship

An altered version of World War Z is on the way after Paramount asked the producers to remove a reference to China in a scene in which the characters discuss the possible origins of a zombie pandemic. The studio advised […]