Climate Change News Articles

Carbon Emissions 66 Million Years Carbon Emissions From 66 Million Years Ago Were Lower Than Today, Researcher Says

Carbon Emissions from 66 million years ago were much lower than they are today, and researchers prove that the climate is heating up now than any time in fossil records of the age of dinosaurs as a new study sounds […]

NYC Carbon Challenge NYC Carbon Challenge Expands With 16 Hotels Joining Partnership To Reduce GHG Emissions 80 Percent By 2050

The NYC Carbon Challenge just got bigger as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that 16 hotels are joining the partnership. The Carbon Challenge is a commitment between the city and private sector leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings […]

Sea Level: Three Feet Tides Predicted By Year 2100

The world’s sea level is expected to rise more than three feet by the year 2100 as glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland are expected to melt, according to climate-change scientists. This rise in sea level would also cause problems for […]

Oahu Dissolving Away Slowly Into Pacific Ocean

Oahu is dissolving from its inner core in Hawaii, according to Geologists who recently conducted a study on the third largest island to Honolulu. It could mean a big change for the state as the island’s Koolau and Waianae mountains […]