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Detroit Principals Bribery Detroit Principals Arrested On Conspiracy Charges Stemming From Bribery

Several Detroit principals were arrested who were among those hit with conspiracy charges by the federal government regarding a bribery scheme to score kickbacks from school supplies that were rarely, if ever, delivered. The bribery scheme covers the time period […]

Man Arrested Pressure Cooker In Luggage On Amsterdam Flight To Detroit

A man was arrested in Detroit for packing a pressure cooker in his luggage when he left Amsterdam. Hussain al-Khawahir was then charged with making a false statement about why he brought a pressure cooker with him on a flight […]

Alligator Found In Detroit After Being ‘Dumped’ Off As Trash

An alligator has been found in the city of Detroit after being dumped off as trash in an area where neighbors are used to people seeing garbage, but they noticed something that was 5 feet long and crawling around on […]