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Adele Donald Trump Adele: Donald Trump Must Stop Using Music At Political Rallies

Adele says Donald Trump has been playing my music to fire up his supporters at rallies. Adele wants his fans to know she never gave the billionaire permission to use her songs at political arenas across the country throughout his […]

image Donald Trump Gallup Poll Numbers Suggest Downward Spiral In Republican Results, What About The Democrats?

Donald Trump’s Gallup poll found the Republican presidential frontrunner as the most unpopular candidate of either major U.S. political party when the entire American population is taken into account, according to US News and World Report. The Gallup poll found […]

Samuel L. Jackson Donald Trump Samuel L. Jackson Alleges Donald Trump Cheats At Golf During Feud On Social Media

Samuel L. Jackson and Donald Trump are having a public feud on Twitter. It seems Trump started the fight on Tuesday stating that he doesn’t know the actor, nor has he ever played golf with him, but believes he does […]

Clinton On Dealing With Bullies Clinton On Dealing With Bullies: Trump Claims Public Event Staged As Campaign Attack

Clinton on dealing with bullies? It was a rare occurrence that Hillary Clinton got emotional when discussing bullying with a young attendee at her Iowa town hall event on Tuesday. 10-year-old Hannah Tandy questioned the former Secretary of State about […]

Donald Trump Dubai Golfing Estate Worth $1B

Donald Trump is planning to build a 7,205-yard, par-71 golf course in Dubai. The real estate mogul took over this project from Tiger Woods. The 37-year-old professional golfer was set to construct a $1 billion golfing estate; however, it was […]

Donald Trump, Jon Stewart Begins Birth Name War

Donald Trump is fed up with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, stating the comedian is hiding from his past because he changed his surname from Lebowitz to Stewart. It all happened between Twitter postings on Thursday came after the […]

Trump Plaza Sold In Atlanta City To California Group

Trump Plaza Sold - The famous Atlantic City Trump Plaza has sold to The Meruelo Group of Downey, California, for the lowest price of $20 million for a casino in New Jersey. It’s one of the bargain-basement deals happening right […]

Trump Demands $5 Million From Bill Maher For Bet

Donald Trump demands $5 million from Bill Maher after keeping his end of the deal by sending the requested birth certificate. While appearing on the Tonight show, the business magnate was told by Maher that if he gave him a […]

Trump Slams GOP For ‘Cliff’ Deal With Democrats

Donald Trump was busy on New Year’s Day as he slams the GOP, and since he had a lot of time on his hands, he also targeted the Democratic Party, President Obama, Sheena Monnin, Mark Cuban and about 20 other […]

Donald Trump Extends Deadline For President Obama

Donald Trump has decided to be nice and extend the deadline for President Obama to reveal his college records and passport information due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Early last week, Trump tweeted that he had a big announcement […]