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Eating - The latest Eating News and updates. Listed below are news articles written by Pat Prescott and other professional journalists.

600-lb Pay Per View Eating Woman 600 Pound Woman Ends Video Website To Begin Diet

600 Pound Woman Ends Video - A 600-lb woman who hosted a pay per view video service has shut down her web site and has put her career on hold. Donna Simpson used to eat plates of food on a webcam to show the public her eating disorder. However, she’s changing her life by turning [...]

Meat Eating Panda Meat Eating Pingwu Panda Caught On Video

Meat Eating Panda - A panda in China was caught eating meat on a video camera. The animal finished the remains of a gnu. Wildlife Researchers are interested because the behavior is far different than their normal diet of bamboo. “The panda, whose sex is unknown, was a great eater with a mouth full of [...]

Man Has Allegedly Killed A Bobcat

Man Allegedly Killed A Bobcat, a California man has been charged after shooting and eating a bobcat he said had killed five of his roosters, which sheriff’s deputies alleged were being raised for cockfighting, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Henry Arnibal, 38, of Morgan Hill, was also charged with possessing and using methamphetamine when [...]

Best Diets Healthy Eating Ranking

Best Diets Healthy Eating Ranking - Learn what diets are ranking the best for healthy eating. Not all weight-reduction plans are nutritious and safe. A new U.S. News ranking rates just how good they are for you. Weight lost doesn’t always equal being favorable, for you. That new diet that took inches off your waistline [...]

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