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Orange County Jail Escape Orange County Jail Escape Leads Authorities To Educator Who Assisted Inmates

An Orange County jail escape led authorities to a woman who taught English classes. The teacher was arrested on suspicion of helping three inmates — including an alleged killer — escape the jail, and the men are believed to be […]

Tiger Zoo Escape Creates Panic Among Tourists, Sightings

A Royal Bengal tiger at the Nandankanan Zoo made an escape Friday night, creating panic for tourists and staff as another night falls without any sighting of the wild animal. “The wild tiger which was kept in the tiger enclosure, […]

40 Patients Escape From Mental Hospital

40 patients from a mental hospital in Kenya are on the run after an escape from the country’s only public psychiatric facility. Police have been searching for the fugitives since Sunday. Samuel Anampiu, the police chief in charge of the […]

Spoon Prison Escape: Police Searching For Dangerous Fugitive

A prison inmate in Russia used a spoon to make his escape and now police are looking for the dangerous fugitive who went missing Tuesday night. Guards say Oleg Topalov of Sochi, 33, is deranged. The inmate broke out of […]

Sharks Escape Into Mall Shopping Area, Shocking Patrons

Sharks are predatory creatures in the waters, but when they escape into a mall after their tank broke apart with turtles, it can send people into a shock like none before, especially when they can’t believe what they are witnessing. […]