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Licho Escamilla Licho Escamilla, Convicted Cop Killer, Executed For Officer Christoper Kevin James Murder In Texas

Licho Escamilla, a convicted cop killer who gunned down an off-duty officer on Thanksgiving weekend 2001, is scheduled to die tonight by lethal injection on death row in Texas. He was convicted of shooting dead police officer Christopher Kevin James […]

Rare Female Execution Postponed In Texas 1997 Stabbing Murder

A rare female lethal injection is scheduled in Texas for execution on January 29, 2013, but it was postponed on suspicion of racial bias. Kimberly McCarthy, the first woman to be put to death in more than two years, for […]

Robert Wayne Harris Car Wash Execution For 2000 Killing

Robert Wayne Harris faced his execution Thursday evening. About 12 years before his execution, Harris, 40, confessed to killing five people at a Dallas-area car wash after he was fired from his job at the establishment. The convicted killer expressed […]