FAA News Articles

FAA Electronics Ban For Low Altitudes On Planes

The FAA said it is expected to review personal electronics in an effort to relax the ban on use at low altitudes and on runways, as the result of a study groups’ review of the agency’s policies. Fliers, long frustrated […]

Planes Near-Miss NYC As FAA Investigates

Two planes came so close that airport officials at John F. Kennedy International called it a near-miss in NYC last week, and now the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. A Delta Air Lines Boeing 747 arriving at John […]

4 Mid-Air Plane Crash Die In Arizona, FAA Investgating

4 passengers were killed in Arizona during a mid-air plane crash earlier in the day, each of the single engine aircrafts were carrying two passengers. The collision occurred at around 10 a.m., over 67th Avenue and New River Road in […]

Typo: Obama FAA Bipartisan Plan Delayed Over Error

The Senate has finally agreed on a bipartisan plan, but now a typo is keeping President Obama from signing legislation designed to end budget-related FAA air traffic controller furloughs. Apparently the holdup boils down to an “s” needing to be […]

FAA Furlough Bill Passes After Painful Spending Cuts

Lawmakers worked hard in the night to relieve FAA air traffic delays caused by sequester-related furloughs by passing a bill after painful spending cuts were mandated by Congress last week. While the legislators likely improved their chances for on-time flights […]

Flight Delays Today As Politicians Argue Over FAA Spending Cuts

Flight delays continue today as politicians argue over automatic federal spending cuts in Washington. There were 4,749 delays and 273 cancellations by Tuesday afternoon. Los Angeles held planes at gates or while taxiing for up to 45 minutes as the […]

Body Of Pilot Found, FAA Investigating Incident

The body of a missing pilot, who fell an estimated 2,500 feet to his death after the cockpit canopy of his airplane opened, has been found. “They found him in a tree line, not too far off the road,” about […]

Woman Dies On Plane, Flight Diverted From Brazil To Houston

A 25-year-old woman flying from Brazil to Dallas dies an unusual death while the plane is still in the air. The American Airlines flight was then diverted to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, in Houston, where she was declared dead. Homicide […]

Drone Over Brooklyn Remains Mystery, Triggers FBI Public Appeal

Why was there a drone over the city of Brooklyn? The unmanned military vehicle came within 200 feet of a commercial jet, triggering an FBI appeal to the public for any information about the unusual and potentially dangerous incident. The […]

Georgia Plane Crash Kills Five After Striking Utility Pole

Georgia authorities say that a small plane crash killed five people onboard before it aborted its landing while striking a 60-foot utility pole. The aircraft careened into a wooded area and erupted in flames. The light jet aircraft was headed […]