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Facebook Nude Painting Facebook Nude Painting Gets Full Trial From French Court Ruling After User’s Account Suspended

A Facebook nude painting case is set to go to court after an appeals court ruling. The painting was uploaded to the social media network that caused one user grief and a right to sue, according to the Associated Press. […]

Paula Deen Fans: Deen Supporters Still Outraged

Paula Deen fans have been using social media to show their outrage over the firing of the cooking show host. The 66-year-old Emmy Award-winning television personality is receiving tons of support from fans, of all races. Victoria Cook from East […]

Viral Breakup Letter Dubbed ‘Epic’ For Writer

The latest thing to go viral is about a couple’s breakup and the letter that followed. Most people are calling the piece epic, while others want to meet the anonymous woman. The letter she wrote to her cheating man, however, […]

Taco Bell Employee Fired For Licking Shells Photo

Taco Bell is investigating a photo of an employee seen licking a large stack of shells, and the fast-food chain has come out with gloves on. The worker hasn’t been identified, but more than likely he has already been fired. […]

Homeless Man Facebook Dog: ‘Handover’ Returns To Owner

A Florida homeless man was reunited with his stolen dog after some good-doer made a Facebook page and raise $1,000 reward for his safe return to his owner. James Bryan of Hudson, who considered his blue pit bull named Handover […]

George Takei Responds To Gay Couple Beating

George Takei posted and responds to a picture of a gay couple who was being attacked by a pack of Knicks fans near Madison Square Garden. The incident has attracted high-profile support. Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins, along with their […]

Baby Sold On Facebook By Grandfather To 3 People

A baby was sold on Facebook to a businessman in India for $15,000. Police have arrested three people in connection with the sale of the newborn baby, one being the grandfather, Feroz Khan. Khan is already accused of selling the […]

Ozzy Osbourne Apology For Recent Alcohol Battle

Ozzy Osbourne has made a public apology for his recent alcohol and drug use during the past 18 months but said he and wife Sharon are not getting a divorce. The Black Sabbath singer’s comments on his Facebook page were […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Open Marriage Response: Rumor Denied, Questions Remain

Jada Pinkett Smith breaks down a previous comment made, which led people to believe she was in an open marriage. Earlier in the month, the Hawthorne actress shocked many of her fans when she addressed rumors about her marriage to […]

Billy Joel’s Daughter Threatened By Stalker, Suspect Caught

Billy Joel has hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter Alexa from a woman who allegedly stalked her for months and wrote her frightening messages on Facebook. The private security firm, who was recommended to Joel by Paul McCartney, went […]