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OJ Simpson Knife Found OJ Simpson Knife Found Buried In Yard At Home May Contain Blood Stains

An OJ Simpson knife found buried at his estate has prompted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. The folding buck knife was discovered by a construction worker who then turned it over to an LAPD cop, though the […]

Maci Lilley Found Maci Lilley Found Safe Following 4-Year-Old Child Abduction At Fort Peck Indian Reservation

Maci Lilley was found alive on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana after the 4-year-old was reportedly abducted, according to Daily Mail. Roosevelt County spokesman Lee Allmer says the girl was found Sunday and was undergoing a medical exam […]

Police Dog Found Dead In Woodstock, Georgia Police Car

A Belgian Malinois police dog was found dead in his handler’s patrol car. Spartacus, 3, died of a heat stroke after being left by his handler in his car outside of his Woodstock, Georgia home. “The K9 handler is currently […]

Amelia Earhart Plane Found In Sonar Imaging, Debris Seen

It’s been almost 80 years since Amelia Earhart and her famous plane disappeared, but now the mystery to what happened during her flight might be found if a team of researchers are right. The researchers spotted wreckage and debris on […]

$10,000 Found In Drawer At Hotel

$10,000 in cash was found in a drawer at a Kansas City hotel by a 10-year-old with his dad. They soon turned the money over to police. Tyler Schaefer discovered the neatly stacked bills Saturday in the room where he […]

Paralegal Found Dead: Julia Law Found In Boyfriend’s Bathtub

A paralegal was found dead in the bathtub at her boyfriend’s Philadelphia residence days short of her 27th birthday. Julia Law had been dating prominent lawyer Charles Peruto, Jr. for about six weeks. “Julia was a beautiful, caring free spirit […]

Missing Women Found After Horrifying Captivity

Three women, who were missing for years, were found in captive by a Cleveland man who tied them up with ropes and chains on a regular basis. The man has been charged with kidnapping and rape. Ariel Castro, 52, is […]

Yosemite Hiker Found Dead At Base Of Vernal Fall

Yosemite National Park officials said that a 73-year-old hiker missing since Sunday was found dead at the base of a popular waterfall. Kenneth Stensby’s body was spotted by searchers at the base of Vernal Fall. The Minnesota man, described as […]

Frontier Fort Found By Archeologists, In Georgia From 1779

A Frontier Fort has been found on a farm in Georgia by archeologists between Athens and Augusta, which was the scene of a shootout with British troops in 1779. Less than two months after British forces captured Savannah in December […]

2 Bodies At Crash Site Identified As US Crew In Kyrgyzstan

2 bodies of US crew members were found dead at a crash site in Kyrgyzstan, in the rugged mountains. Teams are still searching for a third member. Officials at the U.S. Transit Center at the Manas base have released no […]