George Zimmerman

Zimmerman Juror Escorted Out, Prohibited From Returning

George Zimmerman prospective juror was escorted out of the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center and is prohibited from returning until the trial is over. On Wednesday, Jerry Patrick Counelis, now known as former prospective juror E-7, was let go as [...]

Trayvon Martin Shouts Heard On 911 Call

Shouts for help heard on a 911 recording may be Trayvon Martin’s or may be George Zimmerman’s. Audio experts differ on whether screams for help captured on 911 calls are those of defendant George Zimmerman or the 17-year-oldshooting victim, according [...]

Zimmerman’s Brother On Rant: ‘A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words’

George Zimmerman’s attorney is worried about the tweet his brother Robert wrote that was deemed “insensitive” and what impact it will have on the Trayvon Martin murder case. Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney says Robert, whose tweets compared the recent killing [...]

George Zimmerman Autograph For Defense Fund

George Zimmerman is now trying to raise more funds for his defense and legal fees by giving out his autograph. It’s not often that someone who is charged with killing an unarmed Trayvon Martin is making such a desperate attempt [...]