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Georgia Correctional Officers Georgia Correctional Officers Arrested Across State For Drug Corruption Charges

Nearly 50 Georgia correctional officers have been arrested across the state as former state prison guards face drug and bribery charges. The officers face eight federal indictments, which have recently been unsealed, according to CNN. The Georgia correctional indictments are […]

Georgia Middle-Schooler Snitch Bullying Leads To Hanging

A Georgia middle-schooler, who hanged himself after reportedly being bullied and called a “snitch” at school, was remembered by family and friends as a hero at his funeral this week. Devin Brown, 13, moved to Columbus, Ga., six months ago […]

Georgia Plane Crash Kills Five After Striking Utility Pole

Georgia authorities say that a small plane crash killed five people onboard before it aborted its landing while striking a 60-foot utility pole. The aircraft careened into a wooded area and erupted in flames. The light jet aircraft was headed […]

Dougherty Gang Siblings Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

The three young siblings who were dubbed the “Dougherty gang” from Florida, have been sentenced to 35 years each in prison in Georgia after a cross country crime spree that included shoot-outs with police and bank robberies. The “Dougherty gang” […]