Green Bay Packers

Packers Fans Get Free Coffee During Sunday’s Playoff

Green Bay Packers fans get free coffee on Sunday’s playoff contest against the San Francisco 49ers, it was revealed on Jan. 4. The Packers game could be one of the coldest in NFL history. The free coffee will be come […]

Packers Fans Reality Show Packers Fans Reality Show: ‘Cheeseheads’ TV

Hardcore Green Bay Packers fans will be starring in their own reality show on TBS. The Time Warner station is developing a program tentatively titled “Cheeseheads” that will focus on the lives of the NFL team’s fans. TBS described the […]

Clay Matthews Signs $65 Million Deal With Packers

Clay Matthews will stay with the Green Bay Packers after signing an extension. Terms of the extension weren’t disclosed by the team or by Matthews, but a source confirmed that it’s five years and worth about $65 million. The deal […]

Charles Woodson Is Officially Released By Green Bay Packers

Charles Woodson has been released by the Green Bay Packers last Friday even though the 36-year-old defensive back had two years left on his NFL contract. “We are grateful for all that Charles has given to the Green Bay Packers […]

Aaron Rodgers Mustache A No-Shave Pledge For Charity?

Aaron Rodgers took on the New York Giants Sunday night with a mustache unequaled on an NFL field since the heyday of Joe Namath, but it could be a no-shave pledge. A long-time ‘stache proponent, Rodgers told a reporter last […]

Wayne Elliott Admits NFL Referee Mistake

Wayne Elliott admits to an NFL referee mistake being made on Monday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Replacement NFL ref Wayne Elliot says the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay and Seattle may […]