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San Francisco Agent Lost Gun San Francisco Agent Lost Gun: ICE Agents Searching For Lost Service Weapon Left On Car

A San Francisco agent’s lost gun has police scrambling after he left it on top of his car before driving off. The agent, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported his service weapon missing in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning, according […]

Cleaning Gun Kills Son By Accident, 10-Year-Old Deceased On Scene

A Fairmont, N.C. man was cleaning his gun when it went off and killed his son. Christopher Stanlane, 34, was polishing his shotgun when it went off and struck his 10-year-old child, Christopher Jr., in the head. According to Robeson […]

Teen Accidentally Kills Brother While Posting Facebook Photos

An Arizona teen accidentally shoots and kills her brother while playing with a gun as she posed for photos to post on her Facebook page. On New Years Eve, Manuel Ortiz, 22, was fatally shot as he and his 19-year-old […]

Pastry Gun Suspension At Park Elementary School

A Baltimore, Maryland, student who ate a pastry that was shaped like a gun has been suspended for two days. Josh Welch, 7, is a second-grader who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to his father, academics are […]

Gun Raffles Debate: Organizations Making Money

Gun raffles are effective in bringing in funds for nonprofit organizations and stirring up debates. Organizations from police chiefs to youth hockey teams are using firearms to make money for their organizations. However, since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting […]

Jon Stewart Plastic Gun Discussion During ‘The Daily Show’

On Tuesday night, Jon Stewart pulled out a plastic gun, on “The Daily Show,” in an effort to make a point about gun control. The political satirist was making fun of all the gun-control discussions that have been going on […]

Record Gun Buys Increases FBI Workload On Background Checks

A record selling gun year also means an increase to FBI background checks before anyone buys an assault rifle or other type of firearm. The government performed nearly 2.8 million checks in December due to recent gun control talks. The […]