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El Chapo ISIS Hoax El Chapo ISIS Hoax Uncovered After Website Writes Fictional Article

El Chapo ISIS hoax has been uncovered after it fooled millions people. The El Chapo hoax was sent to the terrorist leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, in response to one of his shipments of cocaine being destroyed, according to News […]

Chumlee Pawn Stars Dead From Marijuana Overdose

Chumlee of Pawn Stars is alive, despite rumors floating around that he’s dead, but he’s only the victim of yet another celebrity hoax. If you need further proof, he debunked it himself on Twitter. Posting under his real name, Austin Russell, […]

Joel Osteen Resigns ‘Hoax’ Startles Church

Joel Osteen is a victim of a hoax by someone who published a letter stating that he resigns from his Lakewood Church and has abandoned his faith in Christianity. It all started from a fake website that published a statement […]

Royal Hoax Takes A Twist, Nurse Attempted Suicide Twice

The nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who committed suicide after answering a Royal call that was a hoax from two Australian DJs, had made two attempts to killer herself last year and had been prescribed an antidepressant. Saldanha, 46, tried to take […]

Morgan Freeman On Connecticut Shooting; Actor Denies Making Statement

Morgan Freeman was left having to clear up a hoax about some comments he made on the Connecticut shooting on the Internet this weekend following Friday’s incident at Sandy Hook elementary. It is now believed over the weekend, a Reddit […]