Homeless News Articles

Madonna’s Homeless Brother Arrested After Fight With Police

Madonna’s not speaking about it but her homeless brother, Anthony Ciccone, was arrested after fighting with police. As it turns out, the brother was drunk and disorderly at a local civic center. A police officer asked Ciccone to leave a […]

Madonna Brother Homeless With No Place To Go

Madonna may have plenty of money and a mansion, but her brother is homeless with no place to go. The singer reportedly isn’t worried about his well-being. Anthony Ciccone has spoken out about his famous 54-year-old sister, claiming that she […]

Jeffrey Hillman Not Homeless, Shoeless Man Has Home

Jeffrey Hillman made headlines as a homeless, shoeless man, this past winter when a New York police officer purchased a pair of boots and socks for him, but he is not homeless at all. According to Rev. John Graf of […]

Homeless Man Diamond Ring: A Remarkable Story About Character

A homeless Kansas City, Mo. man received a diamond ring in his change cup by mistake. Billy Ray Harris was in shock when he was going through the change, he collected that day and found a sparkling surprise. When Sarah […]