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Big Lebowski House Big Lebowski House: James Goldstein Donates Iconic House To LACMA

The Big Lebowski House gets donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The house is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, and was donated to the museum by its namesake from James Goldstein, according to The Guardian. […]

Simpson: Ozzy House Sold To Jessica For $11.5 Million

Jessica Simpson has another child on the way and decided to upgrade her living quarters by purchasing Ozzy Osbourne’s house, a place where most celebrities call Hidden Hills, California. With one child growing up fast, it appears that Simpson wanted […]

Meteorite Crashes Into House Leaving Space Rock Debris

A meteorite sounded like a gunshot as it crashes into a house Friday night. The home owner actually heard the noise but thought it was a broken rafter, and had no idea it was a baseball-sized meteorite. The Wolcott Police […]

Pot House Slayings Case Without Leads In Idaho

Three adults found dead in a eastern Idaho pot house slaying and now police are trying to put together leads in a case that went cold after Easter. Authorities are investigation the shooting deaths of Yavette Chivon Carter, 27, Trent […]

Cher Selling House, 3 Homes In LA, Moving To Britain

Cher is selling her Malibu house for $45 million with two other Los Angeles properties, which are on the market as the legendary singer might be moving to London. The house is the most expensive property that Cher, who is […]

Pamela Anderson Selling Malibu House Amid Money Problems

Pamela Anderson is selling her Malibu house for $7.75 million. The former “Baywatch” star purchased the property for $1.8 million in 2000. So, why is she selling? There are rumors that she has unpaid taxes and a problem with spending. […]

Brothers Win Lottery, Blow Up House After Spending It On Meth

They say anybody can win the lottery, but what happens when two brothers celebrate their jackpot by blowing up their house? That’s what happened when the two won $75,000 and spent it on marijuana and meth. The explosion sent one […]