Indiana Leopard Killed In Backyard

An Indiana couple shot and killed a leopard that was prowling in their backyard, and there are mixed theories as to why the animal would be in the state because they are not native. The nine known subspecies make their […]

Tiger Mauls Woman In Indiana Center

A tiger clamped on a woman and mauls the caretaker who was cleaning its cage at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana. She is in critical condition after Friday’s attack. The facility confirmed an incident involving an […]

Otis Bowen Dies At Nursing Home In Indiana

Otis R. Bowen, a small-town doctor who served two terms as governor of Indiana, dies at a nursing home in Donaldson, Indiana. He was 95. He believed his greatest accomplishment at HHS was engineering the first major expansion of Medicare, […]

Von I. Meyer Charged After Threatening Elementary School

Von I. Meyer was arrested on Saturday after threatening to kill people at a school, but the Cedar Lake, Indiana police believe he was bluffing, even though 47 guns were found throughout his home. Police Chief, Jerry Smith, said that […]