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iPhone - The latest iPhone News and updates. Listed below are news articles written by Jennifer Hong and other professional journalists.

iPhone Explodes: Brazil Incident Is Apple’s Second Problem In A Week

The first iPhone blew dense smoke onboard an Australian flight this week, then another cell phone explodes in Brazil. The recent problem raises further questions over safety of batteries inside the mobile device. Some experts even suggest that the fault could be due to counterfeit products. Reports from Brazil say that the iPhone 4 was [...]

iPhone Explodes In Flight Becoming Second Incident In A Month

iPhone Explodes Flight - An Apple iPhone explodes during a flight in Australia, glowing red hot with a “significant amount” of dense smoke. The incident is the second reported problem of its kind this month. The problem might be linked to an upgrade to the latest iOS version 5 software. It’s not the first time [...]

Android And Apple 71 Percent Of Smartphone Marketshare

Android And Apple 71 Percent - The number of consumers who own a smartphone is rising steadily, and according to Nielsen. In fact, it seems that the Apple iPhone and Android-based smartphones are the top choices for people. Nielsen said that the two platforms make up 71 percent of the American cell phone market. About [...]

Tether App Pulled From App Store

Tether - A new iOS application that users use to tether their Mac or PC to an iPhone 3G data connection without paying a carrier was pulled by Apple from the App Store on Tuesday. Before Tuesday morning, iTether was still available on the App Store for $14.99. But later in the day, the application [...]

Flight Search App For Your iPhone

Flight Search - Fight app for your iPhone or other mobile device to search real-time planes. This tool offers information about where the planes above are traveling, their altitude and angle against the horizon, how far away they are and the aircraft type. To access this real-time inquiry, just type “flights overhead” into the Wolfram [...]

Siri Outage Dims iPhone 4S Customers

Siri Outage - The Siri voice feature for the Apple iPhone 4S has dimmed from an outage and customers are fuming. Apple’s famous new speech-powered assistant may have lost her million-dollar voice. Reports circulated on Thursday afternoon that Apple’s voice-activated iPhone assistant is experiencing service outages for customers across the country. Upon Apple’s service going [...]

Apple iPhone 4S Review and Release

The iPhone 4S release was not quite what everyone expected from Apple, but it does have some new features with a faster processor that doubles the speed on the mobile device, and Sprint was added as a wireless carrier. Apple said that an online presale for the new 4S begins on Friday, and the cell [...]

Scarlett Johansson Pictures Hacked

Scarlett Johansson Pictures Hacked - The actress responds to her nude pictures being hacked that were stolen from her iPhone and leaked online and now the FBI is involved. Unless it was your own personal privacy being violated, no one can understand how these celebrities feel when someone steals photos from their cell phone. It’s [...]

Is Apple Killing iPod Classic & Shuffle? Some People Think So

Is Apple Killing iPod Classic & Shuffle? Some people think so. In addition to unveiling the iPhone 5 next week, the company plans to discontinue the more dated versions of its music player in favor of sleeker models like the iNano and Touch. That could spell the end of the original digital music player. The [...]

Apple iPhone 5 Set For October 4th

Apple iPhone October 4th - Get ready for the version 5 launch! AT&T has told workers something that hints at a new release. The company is preparing for something major next month. AT&T declined to comment on a report that quoted a company vice president as tipping his hand by telling employees to “expect things [...]

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