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Orange County Jail Escape Orange County Jail Escape Leads Authorities To Educator Who Assisted Inmates

An Orange County jail escape led authorities to a woman who taught English classes. The teacher was arrested on suspicion of helping three inmates — including an alleged killer — escape the jail, and the men are believed to be […]

Marie Holmes Powerball Winner Becomes Unlucky In Love With Men

Marie Holmes, the Powerball winner who won $188 million at the beginning of the year, is still having trouble with love after bailing her boyfriend out of jail for a third time on Monday. This time, Holmes’ lover was in […]

2 Days Jail For Fatal Crash That Killed 1, Injured Toddler

A judge sentenced a woman to 2 days in jail after she pleaded guilty to running a red light, which caused a fatal crash killing a nanny and seriously injuring a toddler. Christine Padilla, an attorney from Del Sur, pleaded […]

NFL Receiver In Jail For Cocaine, Firearms

Former NFL Receiver Jimmy Smith receives six years in jail for cocaine and firearms’ charges. Smith was arrested in April 2009, and began serving his time on March 29. Prior to going to jail the former Jacksonville Jaguars player went […]

Los Angeles Jail Fight Leads To Rubber Pellets

Los Angeles guards at Men’s Central Jail had to use rubber pellets and pepper spray to get a crowd of 60 inmates under control after a racially charged fight broke out. The altercation between Hispanic and African-American inmates erupted shortly […]