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Ghost Passengers In Japan Ghost Passengers In Japan: Several Taxi Drivers Reporting Unusual Passengers Climbing Into Cabs

‘Ghost passengers’ in Japan are being reported by several taxi drivers in the town of Ishinomaki. Passengers in the Northern region of the country are hitching a ride from drivers with an unusual destination, according to FOX News. A few […]

Japanese Troops In San Diego For Drill

The Japanese military is sending troops near San Diego in the next two weeks as part of a military exercise with the United States aimed at improving that country’s amphibious attack abilities. U.S. and Japanese military officials said the unprecedented […]

World War II Bomb Tokyo Found Near Busy Train District

A World War II era bomb was found at a large construction site near a busy train station in Tokyo, and it took 10 feet of sand bags and a detonator to remove the object. The bomb shell was about […]

McDonalds Mega Potato Fries Contain Thousands Of Calories

McDonald’s has added a mega carton of potato fries to its menu containing a huge 1,140 calories. The box of chips is double the size of a normal large order at the restaurant. In addition, it contains more than half […]

Japan’s Nikkei Ends With Weekly Gain Of 7% As Dollar Gains Against Yen

Japan’s Nikkei 225 index jumped as much as 3 percent to trade at its highest levels since January 2008 and ends with a weekly gain of 7% as a rally in resources led Australian stocks to close at fresh five-year […]

25 Hospitals Turn Man Down By Doctors, Patient Dies

A total of 25 hospitals have turned down a man who was seeking medical attention. The unidentified 75-year-old Japanese man reportedly died because all clinics refused to admit him. The man lived in a city north of Tokyo and made […]

‘Hurry Up And Die’ Already, Says Japanese Deputy Prime Minister

Taro Aso stated the elderly should be allowed to “hurry up and die,” at a meeting of the National Council on Social Security reforms. The Japanese deputy prime minister is known for speaking his mind; however, this time, he may […]

World’s Oldest Man Ever Lived Added To Famous Guinness Book

The world’s oldest man living ever today is Jiroemon Kimura, who is 115 years old, and now recorded in the Guinness World Records. He was born when Queen Victoria still reigned Great Britain and has a memory that will go […]