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Saint West Picture Saint West Picture: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Picture Of Little Baby Sleeping With Arms Raised

A Saint West picture was shared by Kim Kardashian on her website Monday morning. The image shows Saint sleeping soundly with his arms raised above his head as he wears a cozy white outfit, according to Daily Mail. The Saint […]

The Life of Pablo Drops The Life of Pablo Drops: Highly Anticipated ‘Pablo’ Album Releases

The Life of Pablo drops by Kanye West after years in the making. The Pablo album dropped during his Saturday Night Live performance, according to New York Daily News. On Friday morning, West told his 18 million Twitter followers the […]

Robin Thicke Mystery Woman Gets Very Close With Kisses

A Robin Thicke mystery woman photo has been found on Jan. 20, and it doesn’t look innocent for the singer. Thicke enjoyed a night of partying in Paris with Kanye West, but that might get him in trouble with his […]

Kim, Kanye Wedding Follows Baby’s Birth

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still denying reports from insiders that a wedding has not been planned, despite persistent rumors that the celebrity couple had already planned their marriage. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl by […]

Kim So Crazy Email From Ryan Seacrest

Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter over the weekend, and according to Ryan Seacrest, the ‘so crazy’ new mom is in awe of her baby. The radio host, who is also an executive producer of Kardashian’s E! reality show, […]

Kaidence Donda West: Baby’s Name For Kanye & Kim

Kaidence West may be the new baby’s name for Kanye and Kim, with a middle name of “Donda” in honor of the rapper’s late mother. Kardashian wanted to keep the family’s “K” theme. “North is at the top of the […]

Kanye Delivery Room: Kim Kardashian Alone With Baby

Kanye West has been a target for a lot of rumors lately, and this one surrounds Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. Apparently, the father of the baby won’t be in the delivery room. Kanye plans to be at the hospital, he “won’t […]

Kanye SNL Rant: Here We Go Again

Kanye West performed at the Adult Swim Upfront Party 2013 while going on an SNL rant about celebrities and the paparazzi. In fact, the rapper threatened not to show up for the NBC comedy. The singer, who is having a […]

Kim K Privacy Prompts Possible Move To France

Kim K and Kanye are worried about their baby’s privacy. Kardashian has stated that she and her recording artist boyfriend “live different lives.” The soon-to-be-mother explained that while she is happy to live her life in front of the cameras, […]

Kanye Bump Grows After Signpost Accident

Kanye West has a large bump on his head after he ran into a signpost on Friday while on a lunch date with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The 35-year-old looked grumpy as he left Kim’s house the next morning in […]