Leaked News Articles

New iPad Leaked Photos Appear To Be Apple-Ready Units

There are leaked photos of a new Apple iPad published by a French website, which could be shipping in November 2013. It’s worth nothing that nothing has been confirmed by Apple. If the photo from the French tech site is […]

Leaked Wal-Mart Emails Crash Company Stocks Amid Earnings

If you’re wondering why Wal-Mart stocks are tumbling today, blame it on the leaked emails that were intended to be private among it executives, which are reporting nothing but negative news on recent sales. The communication is embarrassing to the […]

Lena Dunham Book Pitch Ordered By Lawyers To Be Taken Down

After being ordered to by her lawyer, some sites that had leaked a book pitch by HBO’s “Girls” creator, Lena Dunham, have taken the proposal down. Gawker.com, who had published the leaked 66 page book proposal last week, removed it […]