Long Island News Articles

TWA Flight 800: Flight Investigation Theories

TWA crash that happened off the coast of Long Island, killing all 230 people aboard Flight 800, might be reopened by Federal authorities after a group of former investigators petitioned the National Transportation Safety Board. They argue that new evidence […]

Woman Faked Cancer To Feed Heroin Habit In Long Island

A Long Island woman, Brittany Ozarowski, faked having cancer with at least 25 donation jars at various restaurants in order to fraud people out of money to feed her heroin addiction. Ozarowski, 21, pleaded not guilty to 24 counts of […]

Bus Kills 6-Year-Old After Crashing Into Home

A bus crashes into a home and kills a 6-year-old boy Wednesday night in New York while he was supposed to be sleeping. The incident happened in Hempstead on Long Island. The bus driver for the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) […]

Macy’s Parade Confetti Contains Shredded Confidential Police Records

The annual Macy’s Parade went without a hitch, but the confetti used was from shredded confidential police documents with social security numbers and other personal information, according to Long Island Police. Saul Finkelstein, a Manhattan attorney, was watching the renowned […]