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San Francisco Agent Lost Gun San Francisco Agent Lost Gun: ICE Agents Searching For Lost Service Weapon Left On Car

A San Francisco agent’s lost gun has police scrambling after he left it on top of his car before driving off. The agent, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported his service weapon missing in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning, according […]

Kristen Wiig Lost After Emotional SNL Departure

Kristen Wiig says she’s been feeling a little lost after she left “Saturday Night Live” last year, and although she’s in a good place with her career, she still had some adjusting to do. “The show was seven years of […]

Long Lost Continent Found In Indian Ocean Under Basin

The mystery of the long lost continent has been found in the Indian Ocean after geologist at the University of Oslo found fragments of a volcanic rock that is scattered beneath the waters. In fact, there has been evidence from […]