Mars News Articles

Mars Recalling Products Mars Recalling Products Of Chocolate Bars Due To Pieces Of Plastic Reported

Mars recalling products of a range of chocolate bars because of fears that customers could choke on pieces of plastic. The recall, which affects 55 countries, could end up costing the company tens of millions of dollars, according to Reuters. […]

Mars, Earth Align With Sun During Opposition Event (Photo)

Mars Earth Sun Align: It’s being called a rare alignment as the Sun will be exactly opposite to Mars, and Earth will have a lot of catching up to do. These planets don’t always race, but their orbits are full […]

400-Year-Old Plants To Help Human Life On Mars

Some 400-year-old moss from plants could help humans survive and colonize on Mars, according to University of Alberta biologist Catherine La Farge. Proceedings of the plants were presented at the National Academy of Science research that she and her team […]

Rat On Mars Seen Crawling On Ground

A blogger has posted a creature that looks like a rat seen on photos taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, but some people have their doubts. The species resembles a rodent but also may be a lizard, according to the […]

Mars Rover Findings ‘Not-So’ History Book Changing

Last month, NASA scientists said the latest Mars rover findings would have some news that would change the “history books” after they analyzed some soil samples. Well, those few weeks came Monday, and the Mars rover findings were not so […]

Rovers Big Discovery: Is There Evidence That Life Exists On Mars?

The Mars rover Curiosity was made to make big announcements for the history books, but one recent discovery could be the most important one, which NASA scientists say we have to wait a few weeks to reveal what it is. […]