McDonald’s News Articles

Felony Charge McDonald's Soda Felony Charge for McDonald’s Soda After Man Used Water Cup to Get Fountain Drink

A felony charge for filling up a free water cup with McDonald’s soda? An Arkansas man now wishes he stayed away from the fountain when he drove through the drive-thru and ordered three later waters. Witnesses say Cody Morris, 18, […]

McDonald's Execs Raises McDonald’s Execs Raises Give CEO Steve Easterbrook 18.2 Percent Increase In Regular Salary

The McDonald’s execs raises has been in the planning for awhile, and was announced in it’s latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is set to receive an 18.2 percent increase in his base salary, […]

McDonald’s Bagged Coffee Test At Participating Supermarkets

McDonald’s is selling McCafe bagged coffee at supermarkets soon for customers to be able to brew a cup directly from home as the world’s biggest hamburger chain will test selling a variety of packaged ground and whole-bean. The company did […]

McDonalds Mega Potato Fries Contain Thousands Of Calories

McDonald’s has added a mega carton of potato fries to its menu containing a huge 1,140 calories. The box of chips is double the size of a normal large order at the restaurant. In addition, it contains more than half […]

McDonalds Streamlining Menu Selection By 70%

McDonalds is streamlining it menu, something that it hasn’t done in a long time, and one item that will be removed is the Angus burger. The company wants to simplify their food items. The world’s largest restaurant chain has also […]

McDonalds All-Day Breakfast? New 24-Hour Menu

McDonalds is changing things up by starting an all-day delivery service in some urban areas, and now the company is thinking about a 24-hour McDonalds breakfast menu. President and CEO Don Thompson said the world’s largest fast-food chain “has looked […]

14-Year-Old Burger Seen With Many Preservatives

A 14-year-old McDonald’s burger has barely aged in time. Perhaps a fast-food burger has so many preservatives that it can last for decades. David Whipple purchased the fast-food item in 1999 for a short term experiment. He then forgot he […]

Burger King Delivery Service Available In More Cities

Burger King is surprising customers with new signs that promote its new delivery services in Chicago and Los Angeles. Adding to its delivery locations include New York, Miami, Washington D.C., and Houston. The Miami fast food chain said delivery will […]

Dollar Menu Fails At McDonald’s Despite Profit Earnings

Even the Dollar Menu fails to drive more McDonald’s burger sales, but the company did report a higher profit margin in the first quarter. The company has responded to competition by touting its Dollar Menu as Burger King and Wendy’s […]

McDonald’s Cat Diet Of Burgers And Fries

McDonald’s cat that loved burgers, and french fries, is now on a new diet and a second chance at life after the SPCA introduces food with actual nutrition. The SPCA said he was so addicted to fast food, he was […]