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Mitt Romney To Skip GOP Convention Mitt Romney To Skip GOP Convention Underscoring Deep Division Over Donald Trump

Mitt Romney to skip GOP convention this summer, joining three previous Republican nominees and underscoring the deep divide inside the GOP over Donald Trump becoming the party’s nominee. An aide to Romney said Thursday that the former Massachusetts governor would […]

Gaga $1m GOP Offer To Perform Live With Republicans In Tampa

Lada Gaga turned down a $1m GOP offer to perform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. In fact, Gaga refused any offer to a group supporting Mitt Romney. Despite various efforts made by Romney’s camp, the singer refused […]

Hannity Rating Becomes Reality Check For Fox Channel

Sean Hannity’s TV ratings are dropping like flies, and the problem was significant after the 2012 election, which could spell an end to its popularity and as a conservative talk show on Fox News. The Hannity show lost several viewers […]

Obama And Romney To Meet For Lunch To Discuss Government Ideas

President Barack Obama will meet with Mitt Romney for a White House lunch to talk with his opponent about some of the great ideas he had with stream lining government. On Wednesday, The White House announced the lunch date. “Governor […]

Macy’s Parade Confetti Contains Shredded Confidential Police Records

The annual Macy’s Parade went without a hitch, but the confetti used was from shredded confidential police documents with social security numbers and other personal information, according to Long Island Police. Saul Finkelstein, a Manhattan attorney, was watching the renowned […]

Romney: Viral Pumping Own Gas Photo In La Jolla

Mitt Romney was spotted pumping his own gas in La Jolla, California, looking very tired and frazzled, and now the photo has gone viral. It was taken by a customer at the same gas station who posted it to his […]

Mitt Romney Gives FEMA Support Amid Serious Questions

Mitt Romney is doing his best to avoid answering questions by reporters about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since he attended a “storm relief” event in Ohio for Hurricane Sandy. A TV pool asked Romney at least five times, […]

Stacey Dash Receives Racially-Based Hate Tweets

Stacey Dash fans are wondering if it was better for the actress to keep her mouth shut after endorsing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. However, it’s more than just a few political words. Stacey Dash tweeted a photo of herself […]

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