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Mingdong Chen Sentenced To 125 Years After Murdering Family Over Jealousy

Mingdong Chen, a 27-year-old Chinese immigrant, was sentenced to prison for killing his family with a meat cleaver at their Brooklyn, New York home during a jealous rage. The man was sentenced to 125 years after pleading guilty earlier this […]

Carrie Jopek Murder Carrie Jopek Murder: Case Solved After Husband Confesses To 1982 Crime To Wife

Carrie Jopek’s 30-year murder mystery may have been solved after a man long suspected in the crime has been charged in her death In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The man also confessed to his wife and a TV station last week about […]

Nathan Trapuzzano, 24, gunned down on public sidewalk - Police

Nathan Trapuzzano’s murder is still under investigation in Indianapolis after he was gunned down. Trapuzzano was killed Tuesday while taking his regular morning walk for exercise. He was a self-taught computer engineer and graduated from Ball State University. In addition, […]

1979 Murder Convict Arrested In Airport

A 1979 case involving a Chicago store owner, who was found guilty of murder, was arrested at O’Hare International Airport while trying to return to the country to attend a graduation ceremony. Ata Yousef El Ammouri, 65, was taken into […]

Dog Pack Murder Charges For Owner Of Pit Bulls

One dog owner of a pack of pit bulls that killed a woman jogger in a gruesome mauling was charged with murder in a highly unusual case that strains the memories of law enforcement officials to find comparable uses of […]

Fifth Graders Murder Plot Against 6 Classmates Foiled By Teacher

Two fifth graders are accused of a rape and murder plot a few of their classmates in Washington state. They will stand trial ad juveniles. Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said the boys, 11 and 10, pleaded not guilty during […]