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Drew Barrymore Timothy Olyphant Drew Barrymore, Timothy Elephant To Star In Upcoming Netflix Comedy Series

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Elephant will star in new Netflix comedy series. Titled “Santa Clarita Diet,” the single-cam project hails from creator Victor Fresco, according to USA Today. “Santa Clarita Diet” follows Joel (Elephant) and Sheila (Barrymore), a married couple […]

Neil Patrick Harris Netflix Neil Patrick Harris’ Netflix Drama Series ‘A Series of Unfortunately Events’ Announced

Neil Patrick Harris joins Netflix in A Series of Unfortunately Events. Rules of Engagement and The Tick alum Patrick Warburton has landed the key role in the Netflix drama series, according to The Huffington Post. Picked up straight-to-series, A Series […]

Netflix Arrested Development Arrives With New Episodes

Netflix will stream new episodes of Arrested Development, available all at once beginning Sunday. Diehard fans have waited six years for the cult-comedy favorite. “It’s seemingly reached a fever pitch in the last couple of weeks,” says Will Arnett, who […]

Scott Baio Return To “Arrested Development” On Netflix

Scott Baio has been absent on our TVs for quite awhile as he’s been occupied in raising his family, but now he is about to return to the upcoming season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix. “What happens with [Executive Producer] […]