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New Zealand Flag Referendum New Zealand Flag Referendum: 2nd Stage Voting Begins On Silver Fern Flag For Postal Ballot

A New Zealand flag referendum for voting has begun in the second stage. The public will have until March 24 to send in a postal ballot on whether to change their national flag by choosing to keep the current or […]

105-Year-Old Driver Bob Edwards Maintains License

A 105-year-old man has managed to maintain his license as a driver in New Zealand, and Bob Edwards says that his reflexes are just fine and that he is not feeling his age at all. He has been driving for […]

New Zealand Sea Monster Identified As Orca Carcass

A New Zealand beach was the location of a grisly carcass, one that resembles a sea monster that was found half buried in the sand and measuring about 30 feet long. It’s scary head houses gaping jaws bearing a dozen […]

McDonald’s Cat Diet Of Burgers And Fries

McDonald’s cat that loved burgers, and french fries, is now on a new diet and a second chance at life after the SPCA introduces food with actual nutrition. The SPCA said he was so addicted to fast food, he was […]