Nicki Minaj

Minaj Makeunder Give Another Perspective Of Nicki In Elle

Nicki Minaj agreed to a makeunder for her photo shoot with Elle magazine. The Trinidadian-born American rapper admitted that it was difficult for her to part ways with her lipstick. “I’m so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it’s hard,” [...]

Mariah Carey Increases Security Following Nicki Minaj Threats During American Idol

Mariah Carey has increased her security by hiring new body guards after she, and her family felt they were in danger at the hands of fellow judge Nicki Minaj, and the American Idol work environment appears to be unsafe. It [...]

Steven Tyler Apologizes To Nicki Minaj For Criticism

Steven Tyler is apologizing for his recent criticism of new judge and singer, Nicki Minaj, but claims he is not racist like she accused him of being. The spat between Tyler and Minaj began last week when Tyler was interviewed [...]