Nuclear News Articles

Takahama Nuclear Reactors Takahama Nuclear Reactors Turned Off By Japanese High Court

The Takahama nuclear reactors have been ordered to be turned off by a Japanese court. The high court issued an unprecedented order for the reactor near Kyoto to stop operating and ordered a second one to stay offline, according to […]

Hanford Nuclear Site Leaking Radioactive Waste From Tank

The Washington Hanford, the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site, became the subject of more bad news Friday, when Gov. Jay Inslee announced that a radioactive waste tank there is leaking. The news raises concerns about the integrity of similar tanks […]

Iran Nuclear Bomb Enrichment Intensifies

Iran is getting closer to a nuclear bomb as it continues to refine uranium “with intensity” and the number of enrichment centrifuges it has operating will rise substantially in the current year, the country’s energy chief was quoted as saying. […]