Overdose News Articles

Tyler Sash Tyler Sash Died Of Accidental Overdose After Mixing Two Pain Medications

Tyler Sash accidentally overdosed on methadone and hydrocordone, an autopsy revealed. The former New York Giants safety had endured a recent shoulder dislocation and had a history of chronic shoulder pains, according to Bleacher Report. Sash’s body will undergo further […]

Man Survives Coma From Soy Sauce Overdose

A 19-year-old who drank a quarter of soy sauce went into a coma and nearly died from a salt overdose in his body, according to a recent case report. The man, who was dared by friends, is the first person […]

Kelly Overdose Suspected: Mother Reports Cocaine Use

Chris Kelly’s death is suspected to be from a drug overdose. Reportedly, Donna Pratte, the mother of the rapper, told authorities that her son became sick on the night before he died after taking cocaine and heroin. On Wednesday, Kelly’s […]