Lindsey Vonn Leg Photo Reveals Bad Knee Injury From Accident

Lindsey Vonn is showing a promise recovery after revealing her leg injury in a photo, but Olympic skier said it is still badly bruised with several cuts. “My knee looks…um…not very good…. #longskirtsthissummer #ugh,” she wrote on Facebook. It was [...]

Sofia Vergara Swimsuit Creates Stir Among Men In Miami

Sofia Vergara is driving men crazy over her recent swimsuit photo in Miami, which could give her some strange winter tanning lines. The “Modern Family” actress posted the picture on Dec. 27. Many people have dropped their jaws after seeing [...]

Romney: Viral Pumping Own Gas Photo In La Jolla

Mitt Romney was spotted pumping his own gas in La Jolla, California, looking very tired and frazzled, and now the photo has gone viral. It was taken by a customer at the same gas station who posted it to his [...]