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Powerball Jackpot Powerball Jackpot Soars: Largest Powerball Prize In U.S. Lottery Continues To Grow, Next Drawing On Wednesday

The Powerball jackpot continues to grow and expected to climb to an estimated record of $1.3 billion. The next Powerball lottery drawing will be Wednesday after nobody matched the winning numbers on Saturday, according to The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville. The […]

Marie Holmes Powerball Winner Becomes Unlucky In Love With Men

Marie Holmes, the Powerball winner who won $188 million at the beginning of the year, is still having trouble with love after bailing her boyfriend out of jail for a third time on Monday. This time, Holmes’ lover was in […]

Girlfriend Sues Over Powerball Win: Girlfriend Demands Jackpot

A girlfriend sues her boyfriend over his recent Powerball win of $338 million, citing that he used her money to buy the ticket. However, lawyers argue that she won’t get anything because they were not a legally married couple. Originally, […]

Powerball Winner Pays Tab For Restaurant Patrons

Powerball winner Gloria C. MacKenzie may have been the woman who picked up the tab for 180 patrons at a Florida restaurant, even though the woman denied she was awarded the $590 jackpot earlier this month.  Stephanie Reaves, manager of […]

Powerball Winner: Florida $590M Jackpot Still Unclaimed

The Powerball winner who took $590 million in the small Florida town of Zephyrhills is still a mystery, and it’s been two long weeks since the lottery ticket was sold at a local supermarket. No one expected anyone to come […]

Powerball Winning Ticket Of $590 Million In Florida

The owner of the power ball winning ticket has residence in the humble town of Zephyrhills, Florida. “I can’t believe it. It’s shocking,” Sara Jeltis told ABC News Radio. “Out of the whole country, this Publix in little Zephyrhills would […]

Lotto Mistake $14m From Ticket Machine

A lotto mistake gave a woman $14m dollars in California last Wednesday after she put too much money into the ticket machine and ended up a millionaire. Thuan Le was at her local CVS pharmacy when she decided to buy five […]

Powerball Winner Warrant Issued For Child Support

The $338 million Powerball winner in New Jersey last weekend is wanted on charges of unpaid child support. An arrest warrant was issued for Pedro Quezada in 2009. He has five children ages 5-23 and owes a total of $29,000. […]

$338 Million Beer Run Turns Into Powerball Jackpot Miracle

One lottery player earned $338 million from the Powerball jackpot from a simple beer run. Pedro Quezada is a poor immigrant father of five who was shocked to learn he’d won. How did he win? He doesn’t have a secret […]

$217 Million Jackpot Is Highest Powerball Payout

The $217 million multi-state jackpot has become one of the highest Powerball payouts in state history. Dave and Nancy Honeywell are giving up their jobs after winning the lottery. The winning numbers picked for the Feb. 6 lottery were 5, […]