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President Obama - The latest President Obama News and updates. Listed below are news articles written by Kara Gilmour and other professional journalists.

Jon Lovitz Video Ignites Anti-Obama Podcast Rant

Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jon Lovitz took the time during one of his podcast with director Kevin Smith about behind the scene workings of ‘SNL’ to go on an anti-Obama rant. The podcast is the 4th in a [...]

Obama Fights For Student Loans In Election

President Barack Obama says that Republicans are nothing but obstacles when it comes to affordable student loans for college education. He plans to make his argue at several university campuses next week. “This is a question of values,” Obama said [...]

Obama Still Believes Kanye West Is A Jackass

After The Taylor Swift and MTV Video Music Awards incident involving Kanye West, in 2009, President Barrack Obama said the rapper was a ‘jackass,’ and still believes that even today. The president was being interviewed by The Atlantic magazine, when [...]

Chuck Grassley Says Obama Is Stupid During Twitter Rant

Chuck Grassley cunningly calls President Barak Obama “stupid” on Twitter. The current ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee started using name calling during his recent comments about the heath care case being reviewed by the Supreme Court. The 78-year-old Senator [...]

Nikki Haley And President Obama Bully Comment

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is accusing President Obama of being a bully president. The comment was made as Obama began his day by trying to reunite the Republican and Democratic parties. It hasn’t gone so well. “What is amazing [...]

President Obama Explains Open Mic Remarks

A day after being caught on an open mic telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he’ll have “flexibility” on a missile deal after he wins reelection, President Obama is insisting he has no secret agenda. “This is not a matter of [...]

Obama Keystone XL Pipeline Draws Debate

President Barack Obama traveled to one of the nation’s oil transportation hubs, offering what administration officials hope voters will see as a centrist alternative to the polarized debate over the Keystone XL pipeline - and quickly drew fire from activists [...]

Solar Energy Policies: Obama Speaks Domestic Gas

Against the desert backdrop of the nation’s largest solar energy installation, President Obama on Wednesday assailed Republican critics of his clean energy policies as “the flat earth society” even as he sought to demonstrate his own support for domestic oil [...]

Obama Visits Washington D.C. Irish Pub For St. Patrick’s Day

Obama Irish - President Obama, whose Irish lineage and Guinness-drinking cred were confirmed on a visit to Ireland last May, dropped in at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day to sip another pint of Guinness and banter with patrons. Mr. [...]

Sandra Fluke And Obama PAC, Palin Wants Bill Maher To Return Donation

Sandra Fluke And Obama Palin - Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook Tuesday that a pro-Obama super PAC that received $1 million from Bill Maher should return the donation for what she viewed as the TV comedian’s offensive attitude toward women, calling [...]

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