Recall News Articles

Chicken Nuggets Recall Chicken Nuggets Recall Over Contaminated Plastic Materials Shipped In Products

A chicken nuggets recall by Perdue Foods LLC has been announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The incident involves approximately 4,530 pounds of chicken product produced for Applegate Farms, according to The Christian Science Monitor. The effected nuggets are […]

Ground Beef Recall Over Possible Contaminated Meat

The United States Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a ground beef recall for 22,737 pounds of product over fears that the meat might be contaminated. The FSIS categorized the measure as “Class I,” meaning its a health hazard situation […]

Mozzarella Cheese Recalled For Missing Soy Label

A mozzarella cheese company in New York has recalled its product because it contains soy, an ingredient that isn’t listed on the label and could cause allergic reactions. The problem was discovered during a federal inspection and was caused by […]

Natura Recall Pet Food Over Salmonella Concerns

Natura Pet Products is expanding its March 29 food recall because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The expanded recall now includes all dry pet food products and treats. The expiration dates for the products are stamped […]

Honda CRV Recall Affects Model Years 2012, 2013

Honda CRV model years 2012 and 2013 are part of a recall that also affects Odysseys as well as Acura RDX’s. The recall affects more than 254,000 vehicles. The automaker said that in sub-freezing temperatures, these vehicles may be shifted […]

Pizza Recall Amid E. Coli Scare

Frozen pizza made by Rich Products Corporation is under a recall for possible contamination. The recall affects 10 million pounds of frozen pizza product. The privately held, multinational food corporation believes that their products may have been contaminated with E. […]

Subaru Recall 2013 For Corroded Brake Lines

Subaru recalls vehicles from model years 2005 to 2009 due to brake lines that may corrode if they are introduced to saltwater, which makes it more difficult for the cars to stop. Company spokesman Michael McHale said Tuesday that Subaru […]

Cat Food Recall Issued For Diamond Over Thiamine Levels

Diamond Pet Foods has issued a cat food recall across 25 states that may contain drastically low levels of thiamine. Felines being fed the affected product are at risk of developing a thiamine deficiency. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency include: ventriflexation […]

Special K Recall 2013 For Kellogg’s Red Berries Cereal

Kellogg Company announces their first recall in 2013, Special K Red Berries cereal. Company spokesman Kris Charles said late on Wednesday that three sizes of the product were involved and had been distributed across the United States to a limited […]

Triaminic, Theraflu Recalled By Novartis Over Tamper Resistance Caps

Novartis, the makers of Triaminic and Theraflu, has recalled the syrups due to issues with their child-resistant caps. The last batch of products in question were distributed more than a year ago, so the company believes little remains on store […]