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Russia US Spy Planes Russia US Spy Planes: Open Skies Treaty Used For Russian Observation Flights From Above

Russia is asking the US permission to send spy planes in the skies equipped with an advanced electro-optical imaging sensor. The planes might fly because both countries are signatories on the Open Skies Treaty, according to New York Times. The […]

Russia Bans Gay Adoptions From Same-Sex Foreigners

Russia has taken a serious measure and bans all foreign gay couples from adoptions, underscoring a growing rift with the West and President Vladimir Putin. Putin said in April that a French law allowing same-sex marriage went against traditional Russian […]

California Fireball Flash Seen Over Sky In San Francisco

California residents report a fireball in the sky over San Francisco, which astronomers describe as a sporadic meteor that has no connection to the asteroid that landed in Russia. The fireball was first reported by witnesses who say they saw […]

Russian Mine Blast Blamed On Methane Gas Explosion

A Russian underground mine blast is blamed on a methane gas explosion, killing up to 18 workers at a coal pit. President Vladimir Putin sent his emergency minister to the scene to oversee rescue efforts. Rescue workers said they had […]