Sandy Hook Elementary School

Peter Lanza Not Seen Since Fleeing Connecticut Home

Peter Lanza, the father of the Sandy Hook Elementary School killer, took his wife, Shelley Cudiner, and fled his Stamford, Connecticut home and hasn’t been seen since. Apparently, the couple thought it would be best if they got out of [...]

Ted Nugent Gun Country Show Amid Sandy Hook Shooting

After cancelling the popular “Amercan Guns” reality show earlier in the week, the Discovery Channel has announced they have dropped any further plans to order more episodes of the one-time Ted Nugent special “Gun Country.” The cancellations of the shows [...]

Sandy Hook Principal Daughter, Kids With Right ‘Sense’

Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung’s daughter says the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School were everything to her. In fact, much of her mother’s time was spent as a leader for the district’s strategic planning panel. Her hard work also won [...]

American Guns Outcry After Sandy Hook Shooting

American Guns, a Discovery Channel reality TV series, has been canceled in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings and a dedicated Facebook page asking the network to remove the show. “American Guns” had aired for three season’s and had [...]

Samuel L. Jackson Defends ‘Gun Control’ After Sandy Hook Shooting

Samuel L. Jackson is defending violent movies and gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting last Friday, where Adam Lanza shot and murdered 20 children and 7 adults before killing himself. In an interview with the Los Angeles [...]

Morgan Freeman On Connecticut Shooting; Actor Denies Making Statement

Morgan Freeman was left having to clear up a hoax about some comments he made on the Connecticut shooting on the Internet this weekend following Friday’s incident at Sandy Hook elementary. It is now believed over the weekend, a Reddit [...]

Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher Movie Postponed After Shooting

Paramount Pictures made the decision to postpone last Saturday’s premiere and the nationwide opening of Tom Cruise’s new movie, “Jack Reacher” this Friday in the wake of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. The decision was made due to the fact [...]