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Electrocuted While Trying To Save Daughter In ‘Faulty Wire’ Pool

A dad was electrocuted while trying to save his daughter in a pool. The California tech executive died Sunday from the electrocution, which firefighters say was likely caused by “faulty pool wires,” while injuring five others. Jim Tramel, 43, of […]

Brothers Save Sister From Bear: Food Of Cooked Food Attracted Bear

Brothers ran to save their little sister from being mauled by a hungry bear just in the nick of time as the animal wandered around their camp on Father’s Day. Things could’ve been worse. One of the brothers said, “We’re […]

Millersville University Players Save Child In Convenience Store Parking Lot

Millersville University players got more than they bargained for to save a child, and it all started with a snack. They decided to walk to a convenience store where they came upon an upsetting scene. But the players: Tyler Thomas, […]

Pit Bull Saves Woman In New York House Fire

A pit bull, named Cain, began barking rapidly to save a NY woman from a fire as she was drying her hair in an upstairs bathroom in East Norwich. After hearing her dog, Jackie Bonasera told NBC that she looked […]

Inmates Save Three Boys After Canoe Capsizes In Freezing Waters

A group of inmates save three boys after they heard their screams near a capsized canoe in a Washington state river. The inmates were part of a work crew from the Larch Corrections Center. “We just thought it was some […]