Shark News Articles

Shark In Condo Pool Shark In Condo Pool Left In Chlorinated Water As Wildlife Officials Investigate Prank

A shark in a condo pool was barely alive when it was rescued in Florida. A woman who called 911 about the shark said she saw two young men running from the pool, which is located near the shoreline of […]

1300 Pound Shark Caught Sets New Record In Huntington Beach

A 1300 pound, 12-foot-long shortfin mako shark was caught off the coast of Huntington Beach by a group of fishermen, and the catch could be record-setting. Jason Johnston from Mesquite, Texas, said his group hooked the shark about 15 miles […]

Whale Shark Feeding Frenzy Causes Controversy In Philippines

Tourists love a free ride on a whale shark, but the feeding frenzy is causing controversy for the sleepy village, one that the locals don’t need. It starts by the local fishermen who hand feed them small shrimp to lure […]