Illinois Shooting With Police: 5 Dead

An Illinois shooting leaves 5 victims and 1 gunman dead. The shooting took place in the town of Manchester and the suspected gunman was killed by police. The slain family members were identified by relatives as Joanne Sinclair, 65, her [...]

Little League Shooting After Field Dispute Turns Ugly

A little league baseball game was interrupted by a shooting after a ballpark dispute turned extremely ugly. There were no injuries or deaths involved in the little league incident, players 5-6 years old. The altercation began at the baseball field [...]

Daycare Shooting In Canada, Gunman Opens Fire

A shooting at a daycare center left two adults dead, but police said all 53 children were unharmed. A gunman opened fire in the Montessori daycare center in Gatineau, Quebec, just across the Ottawa River from the Canadian capital. “We [...]

Marine Base Shooting, 3 Dead In Virginia

A U.S. Marine sergeant at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia shot and killed a male corporal and a female lance corporal before turning the gun on himself, on Thursday. It appears that the senseless killing was centered around a [...]

NY Shooting Killed FBI Tactical Team

NY shooting suspect, Kurt R. Myers, was shot and killed by authorities on Thursday after he got into a shoot out with an FBI tactical team. Myers, 64, is suspecting of killing 4 people and wounding 2 other on Wednesday [...]

Vegas Shooting Suspect Named Vegas Shooting Suspect Named After Police Receive Leads

Las Vegas police have named a prime suspect in the shooting that left three people dead and several others injured. Ammar Harris, 26, was allegedly driving the black SUV used as a getaway car. The shooting took place on the [...]

3 Die In Vegas Shooting After Range Rover Opens Fire

Three people die in a Las Vegas shooting after a black Range Rover Sport opened fire on the Strip into a Maserati, striking the car’s driver and passenger, before the car lost control. The car eventually caused a fiery crash [...]

California School Shooting California School Shooting Leaves One Critical In Hospital

A 16-year-old student at a California High School allegedly had a hit list before going on a shooting rampage, but was talked out of following through with the list after he shot his first victim. The shooter claims that his [...]

Colorado Shooting: Victim Killed While Calling 911

Colorado authorities have found 4 people dead from an apparent shooting in a Weld County home on Tuesday after one of the victims was killed while on the phone with 911. Police say the shooting appears to be a murder-suicide [...]

Gun Store Accident Shooting In New Mexico

Police in New Mexico are saying that a customer was accidentally hurt in a Silver City gun store shooting and don’t suspect foul play. According to the police report, on Tuesday a customer was accidentally shot by an employee in [...]