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Royals Billboard Stolen Royals Billboard Stolen Off Kansas City Highway Recovered In Bushes

A Royals billboard that was stolen has been recovered after the 14-foot-tall cutout vanished on a popular Kansas City highway early Thursday morning. The stolen billboard, which is Kansas City Royals outfielder Dayn Perry, took about eight weeks to make. […]

Marilyn Monroe Photos Stolen During Transportation From Italy

Several Marilyn Monroe photos were stolen late Monday from its exhibition at the Prague Castle, according to a Alice Titzova of the PR agency 2media. Titzova says mannequins and display cases which were part of the exhibition also disappeared. There […]

Stolen Yacht Washes Ashore In California, Three People Arrested

A stolen yacht washes ashore on the Northern California coast after three people had stolen the vessel and stocked it with pizza and beer. This isn’t any ordinary vessel; it’s a beast that measures 82-feet, and authorities have arrested three […]

Stolen Cookie Recovered From Horse Sculpture Outside University

The mystery of the stolen cookie in Germany has been solved after police recovered a sculpture that may have been taken by someone impersonating a Sesame Street character. Spokeswoman Jacobe Heers says the 44 pound gilded sculpture was found Tuesday […]

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