Storage Wars

Brandi Passante: ‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Gets $750

Brandi Passante, star of A&E’s “Storage Wars,” wins a lawsuit last Friday over a porn site she claims posted a fake video and fake nude photos of her. The lawsuit also maintained that the site offered merchandise that resembled her. [...]

Lohan Locker To Appear In ‘Storage Wars’ Episode

Lindsay Lohan is $16,000 behind on the bill for her locker, which could be featured on a new episode of Storage Wars. Among the items are clothes, heirlooms, and probably a few surprises. If Lohan doesn’t pay up, the storage [...]

Storage Wars Star Claims Show Staged In New Suit

Former star and main antagonist of A&E’s “Storage Wars” show, David Hester, has made claims that the reality show about ‘buyers’ bidding and fighting at auctions is staged. Hester appeared in the first season of the show which premiered in [...]