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Zebra Stripes Zebra Stripes: Paper Ends Controversy In Reason For Animal Stripes Against Wildlife

Zebra stripes has prompted heated debates between revered scientists for over 100 years. The common consensus that zebra stripes are used as camouflage to protect them from predators has been refuted in a new study, according to Voice of America. […]

Pot Pills Pain Relief Without Smoking Health Risks

Pot pills, in the form of marijuana, may work just as well to relieve pain as the smoked form. Researchers also suggest that while it can relieve pain, there are fewer side effects. According to the study, people who either […]

Cough Syrup Down Syndrome, Clinical Treatment Study

A cough syrup ingredient could be helpful in treating individuals with Down syndrome, according to researchers who are getting ready to conduct a clinical study. Researchers are getting ready to conduct a clinical study to determine if They are working […]