Sued News Articles

Elton John Sued Elton John Sued For Multiple Assault Incidents On Security Guard

Elton John is sued after he allegedly forced himself on a former security guard and grabbing the man’s genital on multiple occasions. Capt. Jeffrey Wenninger says there were three alleged incidents that went down in 2014. In the suit, Wenninger […]

Aaron Hernandez Sued, Hernandez Arrest Warrant Issued

Aaron Hernandez is not only being sued but is now the subject of an arrest warrant on obstruction of justice charges based on the possible destruction of evidence in connection with the shooting death of his friend. Hernandez is expected […]

Ciara Sued By Gay Bar For Backing Out Of Promotion

Ciara is being sued by a West Hollywood gay bar for canceling on them after the performance was already promoted. On Saturday night, the 27-year-old Grammy Award winner was served papers during her performance at LA Pride. As she was […]

Merck Sued $100 Million In Discrimination Suit

Merck & Co. is being sued for $100 million, claiming that the drugmaker discriminates against pregnant employees and women with children, according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court in New Jersey. The plaintiff, Kelli Smith, claims she was […]

Airline Sued Over Soda Spat, Not Flushing Toilet

An airline is being sued for $500,000 in damages after a flight attendant refuses to give a passenger a soda because he left the bathroom door open and did not flush the toilet. According to a lawsuit filed in the […]

Kris Humphries Sued Over Bad Clothing Deal

Kris Humphries is being sued by suit designer Scott Hill for $52k in damages plus interest. According to the lawsuit, the Brooklyn Nets power forward agreed to bring two of his NBA player friends into Hill’s Beverly Hills’ suit shop […]

Kanye West Sued Over ‘Gold Digger’ Song Lyrics

Kanye West is once again being sued over his song lyrics. The lawsuit comes from the children of a deceased musician named David Pryor, alleging that he sampled his music. One song in particular was called “Bumpin’ Bus Stop,” which […]

Elmo Puppeteer Sued Again By Fifth Accuser

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash is being sued by a fifth accuser. Kevin Kiadii, 25, is claiming that he had sex with Clash, 52, when he was 16-years-old; the two apparently met on a gay phone chat line. According to the […]

Judge Judy Sued For Stealing Chinaware From Producer’s Ex-Wife

Judge Judy is being sued after getting a really good deal on some used China and flatware. However, the woman who owned the merchandise claims that Judy stole it from her. Are the claims true? So far, it’s a bizarre […]

Katt Williams Sued: Car Dealer Wants His Money For SUV

Katt Williams has been in a lot of trouble lately with police, but now he’s being sued by a guy named Khosrow Gharib, who claims he sold the comedian a 2002 Ford Expedition on October 30, 2012, and has not […]