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Whole Foods Tattoos Whole Foods Tattoos Services May Drive Sales For New 365 Chain For Tattoo Millennials

Whole Foods tattoos may be coming to a store near you as the change faces steep competition. The tattoos are a move to better compete with millennials who wear them as the grocery chain continues to keep its reputation as […]

Pay Raise For Tattoos Showing Rapid Realty Logo

Employees can get a 15% pay raise for inking their employer’s New York-based real estate firm logo on their bodies as tattoos. The Rapid Realty offer is snowballing because only 40 of the 600 employees took up the offer. There […]

Man Tattoos Pit Bull Angers Animal Cruelty Organizations

A man who tattoos his pit bull found himself facing possible animal cruelty charges after he posted the dog’s ink online. Ernesto Rodriguez, a North Carolina Army veteran, is facing an investigation by Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control […]