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Tax - The latest Tax News and updates. Listed below are news articles written by Rob Adams and other professional journalists.

Tax Day Help and Tips 2012

American tax payers have two extra days to file their returns and we have some tips that will help you with the process. The most important thing is to file, even if you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service, [...]

Avoid Tax Audits With The IRS

Here are some ways to avoid unnecessary tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service, although some Americans will try to cheat the system this year, it becomes a serious matter when they are caught. In fact, some information on a [...]

Tax Day Best Giveaways For April 17

With Tax Day upon us, and some some restaurants such as Arby’s are offering some of the best giveaways on April 17, 2012. In addition, the fast-food chain will also reward consumers across the nation for paying the Internal Revenue [...]

How To Prepare For Tax Audit How To Prepare For Tax Audit

How To Prepare For Tax Audit - An audit from the United States Treasurer, or Internet Revenue Service (IRS), can be very intimidating. Learning how to prepare for such a lifetime experience can great if you have all of your [...]

Year-End Tax Moves That Will Save You Money 2011

Year-End Tax Moves To Save You Money 2011 - Looking for some year-end tax moves to save you money on your 2011 taxes? You can deduct charitable donations and there’s no limit to worry about for most filers. You must, [...]

Obama Urges Republicans To Expand Payroll Tax Cuts

Obama Tax Cuts - President Barack Obama urges Republicans to extend and expand the payroll tax cuts. With the clock ticking toward the new year deadline the President today accused Republicans of hypocrisy for protecting the interests of the wealthy [...]

IRS Tax Refunds For Taxpayers With Mailing Address Errors

IRS Tax Refunds - The IRS is seeking individuals who they owe tax refunds to. Are you missing out on money owed to you? There’s a lot of cash unaccounted for. The agency announced Wednesday that it is seeking the [...]

Christmas Tree Tax Outrage Over 15 Cents

Christmas Tree Tax 15 Cents - A new Christmas tree tax is stirring debate on whether the 15 cents is worth it. Growers want to use the money to promote fresh trees against the artificial ones. Fifteen cents. Can’t mail [...]

Homeowner Tax Breaks For 2011

Homeowner Tax Breaks - A homeowner has several tax advantages and breaks in 2011. In addition, there are incentives to write-off when installing energy-efficient upgrades. The entire interest that a person pays on their mortgage can also be a deduction. [...]

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